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Wow3D Printer (

Don't turn the power off with the printing bed at the top! The bed will crash to the bottom

Don't leave the printer on in an initialized state (Green LED). This will burn out the stepper motors!

Supposed to be an Afinia H480 clone (

Looks a lot like


Install the latest software from the Afinia web site.

They also have an online manual that will help you learn the software interface.

Windows 7 - driver installs as "Free Motion Card : 3D Printer@FreeMotion" - 3D Printer "UP! Plus/60629"

Spare Parts file

Printing Platform Preparation

  • Use the bread board as base. Clip it on instead of using screws. It is best to remove the bed to scrape and clean it. Scraping and cleaning the bed while attached to the platform will make you have to level the platform more often.
  • Ensure that you properly set the Max platform height each time you use the printer.
  • The best Max platform setting is one where the nozzle is almost touching the printing bed surface. Set the nozzle so that 2 thickness of paper can just barely make it under the nozzle.
  • pre-heat the bed until it is at least 100C for 5 minutes.
  • apply super hold hair spray on the bed when it is at least 100C. I use TRESemme unscented Superhold hair spray in the pump bottle.
  • print as soon as you can after applying the hair spray. If you wait too long the hair spray will harden.
  • Only the centre of the bed is heated. Make sure the object being printed has most of its mass over the central heating element.

Problems noticed so far...

  • printers did not ship with North American plug
  • Windows software from installs malware - option to not install malware was not checked. 05/14
  • No assembly or calibration instructions included. - calibration instructions part of Afinia user docs. 11/14
  • One printer, the vertical axis is broken, judders when trying to rise. -Fixed 05/14
  • if print fails, you need to power-cycle printer and restart software, otherwise next print fails and steppers overheat.
  • Mac software seems to default to a ridiculous amount of supports.
  • Adhesion to the print bed seems very poor. -solved with use of hairspray 11/14.
  • X and Y axis' are not ver square. Can usually compensate with set screws, but it puts them at the edge of their limits.
  • One machine shipped with a missing spring in the bed levelling mechanism
  • some prints have a tendency to shake the levelling set screws loose, and they fall out.

3D Modeling

Good Printing Practices

  • When printing tall objects, the base should be more than half as wide as the object is tall. Small bases and tall objects will lever themselves off the bed. If you have to print a tall object then spin them so that their long axis is flat on the bed.
  • Long and thin objects will also lift themselves from the bed. Some lifting can be tolerated. If there is too much lifting then create a very wide raft to anchor the long thin parts.
  • For good stable prints make sure there are no cold drafts hitting the print bed.