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What is a Tool Steward?

A tool steward is a person or group of people who make themselves available to be the tool expert for a certain tool in the workshop.

Why do we need tool stewards?

There are a lot of tools in the workshop that not everyone will be familiar with. Tool stewards are the go-to-people for all information regarding a specific tool. They will maintain the ToolTracker entry for the tool. They will also be able to arrange for usage and safety training, and repair and maintenance.

What are their Duties?

  • be very knowledgeable on the operation, repair, maintenance, use and safety of the tool they are steward for.
  • maintain tool tracker entry and other documentation.
  • arrange for repair and/or maintenance.
  • able to offer advice to members

How do I find out who the Tool Steward is for a certain tool?

What if I need advice on certain tool?

Should I use a tool that I'm not comfortable with?

No! You must be comfortable with tool before you can use it. Ask the tool steward for advice.

I want to report a tool that is broken

First of all, thank you for reporting a tool that is broken! The next thing is to make sure you put a "Tool Out of Order' sign somewhere visible on the tool that you are reporting broken. Now the last step, is to email the Tool Steward for that tool the details of the broken tool. Include the tool name and what you think is broken.