Signup Procedures

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How to sign up a new member:



(don't forget to get training)


(two sheets)


Key in and read key code off events log If you can't read it off events log - read off the key. Read two top left characters, the bottom characters, and skip the two top right characters.


  • Log in
  • Processing>recurring billing
  • Add account
  • Let member enter all data except amount.
    • Make sure HST hasn't been disabled.
  • The 'Card Owner' field should be the same as the card owner in Diyode member account.
  • Can change billing state to 'on hold' and 'closed' if members leave or go on vacation

Member list

  • Log in as admin
  • Member List>Add new member
  • Let the member fill as many fields as they can - we need to add key code and payment info
  • Use credit card name exactly in order to make sure payments are linked to beanstream
  • Add picture if at all possible! We're going to make this mandatory