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First of all, expect the workshop to be cold in the winter. Plan to wear a sweater and anything else which will keep you warm. We will _not_ be heating the workshop to a level of general comfort. This will just cost the workshop lots of money which could be better spent on tools. If it is _way_ too cold to work then contact a Diyode Board member so the temperature can be adjusted.

The workshop is heated via hydronic heating (Hot water) that includes a hot water boiler, circulation pumps and radiators. The installed system is ancient circa 1978.

Hydronic systems do not give out instant heat. They are meant to run at a constant temperature and should never be turned full up or full down. It takes a while for the boiler to make hot water and then a while for that hot water to make it to the radiators.

The Diyode Board will set the temperature at a set point and members will be able to adjust things from here.

No supplementary heaters will be allowed in the workshop! It is a fire hazard and will just transfer the cost of heating to the electricity bill. That's not what we want to do.

Stuff from the Old workshop. No longer relevant for the new space

The workshop heating is done by a large forced-air gas heater hanging near the rear of the workshop.
It is control via the 'CodeShield Thermodyne 5000' or electronic thermostat which is located
beside the middle workshop door. See below for operating instructions.

The Classroom is heated with an electric baseboard heater under the large window.
It's not a very efficient heater. It won't heat the room very quickly or to a comfortable level.
There is a separate thermostat for it located near the middle door.
Make sure to turn the thermostat completely OFF when you leave.

There is no direct heating of the Cleanroom area.

CodeShield Thermodyne 5000

aka : The Furnace Controls

How to operate :

The CodeShield Thermodyne 5000 will maintain a minimum temperature of 10C all times.
"But 10C is too cold for normal humans" I hear you say!

Pressing BUTTON will start the heat cycle for 1 hour. During the heat cycle you
will see LED1 lit to indicate a heat cycle is in progress. You will also notice that
temperature of 21C will be maintained. LED2 will change between RED (Heating) and
GREEN (not heating) as the furnace maintains 21C.

The heat cycle will only last 1 hour from the last time you press BUTTON. After 1 hour the
CodeShield Thermodyne 5000 will return to the minimum temperature of 10C.
There is an alarm at 15 minutes left in the heat cycle to warn you. You can press BUTTON
at any time to start another 1 hour heat cycle.

The temperature can be checked by monitoring LED2. The RGB LED will blink out the
temperature every 5 seconds.

First it will blink the tens, then pause, then blink out the ones.
For a Temperature of 21C you will see 2 blinks, a pause, then 1 blink.
You will get an extra pause for the number 0.

The colour of LED2 matters. A GREEN blink indicates that the CodeShield Thermodyne
5000 is not in a heating cycle. a RED blink means that it is currently in a heating cycle.

To reset the heat cycle press the RESET button and the CodeShield Thermodyne 5000
will go back to maintaining a minimum temperature of 10C.

None of the other CodeShield functions work. But you may play with the knobs if you like!