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Here is a list of resources for new members so that they can get involved.

Mailing List

All members are automatically subscribed to a DIYode Information mailing list. This mailing list will be used by the DIYode board to send out important messages to all workshop members.

You are also encouraged to join the general DIYode mailing list. This list is open to everyone members and non-members. It is a good place to get answers to questions about just about anything.

Subscribing to the Mailing List

1. Go to VillageToolbox http://diyode.villagetoolbox.com/

2. Click on “Join this community” at the top right corner of the page.

3. Create a new user account. Please enter your real full name, enter your email and choose a password. Make sure to put some details in the introduction.

3. Wait for a Village Toolbox community administrator to accept you into the community.

When you want to send email to the DIYode mailing list just email to "diyode@villagetoolbox.com" and your email will be sent to the list. Please keep all emails respectful.


You can also find a lot of us hanging out on IRC chat. Diyode has an active chatroom where many members hang out during work hours, and discuss interesting things.

Getting on IRC

To try IRC quickly go to http://webchat.freenode.net/ enter your nickname and 'diyode' as the channel.

Diyode Live Video Stream



Look for ‘Diyode Maker’s Club’ on FB


We are on Twitter as well! @diyode

Member Directory

Not sure who you met in the shop? Check out the Diyode member directory at http://diyode.com/directory To have your photo added to the directory speak to a Board member or email your photo to info@diyode.com