Signup Procedures

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How to sign up a new member:



(don't forget to get training)


(two sheets)


Key in and read key code off events log If you can't read it off events log - read off the key. Read two top left characters, the bottom characters, and skip the two top right characters.


Log in Processing>recurring billing Add account Let member enter all data except amount. Make sure HST hasn't been disabled. The 'Card Owner' field should be the same as the card owner in Diyode member account. Can change billing state to 'on hold' and 'closed' if members leave or go on vacation

Member list

  • Log in as admin
  • Member List>Add new member
  • Let the member fill as many fields as they can - we need to add key code and payment info
  • Use credit card name exactly in order to make sure payments are linked to beanstream
  • Add picture if at all possible! We're going to make this mandatory