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Note, this list is obsolete!

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Money spent on the project

Date Amount Source Item Funding source
$40 Metal Supermarkets 12" HEX Bar & SS rods Cash From fundraising
$89.50 Metal Supermarkets 2 x 13" HEX, welding rod, SS mesh Cash from fundraising
$450.95 China Laser Services Laser cut shredder parts Simon paypal
$24.00 UPS COD and Delivery on Laser Cut Parts Simon VISA
$48.50 Bolts Plus Bolts and threaded rod for shredder Cash from fundraising
$31.78 Amazon UCFL Bearings Simon Amazon gift card and VISA
September, 2016 $100.55 TSC Stores V belt pulleys Simon Visa
August 26, 2016 $526.39 Chinese Laser Cutting Service Laser cut parts for second shredder Simon Paypal
September, 2016 $74.58 Bike sprockets and chain Backpeddlers Simon Visa
September, 2016 $306.00 Metal Supermarket hex bar, square stock, sheet aluminum Simon Visa
September 10th, 2016 $62.66 Princess Auto 3/4" pillow block bearings Simon Visa
September 6, 2016 $26.09 AliExpress T-Slot cutter Simon Visa

Money raised for the project

Amount Source Note
$226.85 Netsuite Charity Lunch, June, 2016 Paid in cash to Simon
$330.00 GoodWorking 8 Guelph eTransfered to Simon's account.
$450.95 Paid by Diyode, as discussed at meeting.
$1000.00 Loan from Celia and Peter Clark.
$178.35 Netsuite Charity Lunch, August, 2016.