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Quotes for Laser cutting:

  • USD$342 including shipping. (~CAN$440)
  • Advanced MetalTech - Guelph - CAN$575 - all imperial sizes.
  • Amber Steel - Kitchener - CAN$$1588 for 3 sets, HST Incl

Hex bar

  • Ideal is to use Stainless steel 303 bar for axle to better stand up to Haitian environment.
  • Specs call for 27mm bar. This can easily be swapped for 1 1/16" hex bar (26.9875mm). 1 1/16" 303SS bar is hard to source. 1" or 1 1/8" is much more common, but would require an adjustment of the laser cut files.
  • Simon has adjusted the files for a 1" bar, and is sourcing that in stainless.
  • Metal Supermarket in Kitchener has 16' of 1" Stainless Steel 303 hex in stock.

Motor Considerations

  • 70RPM, 80-100 NM Torque.
  • Interchangeable with extruder motor, ideally.
  • Salvaged would be ideal. Old washing machine motor or drill press motor?

Other Parts

  • Bearings: UCFL204 Bearing
  • Motor -> Axle Linkage
  • Bicycle replacement for motor?